YouTube Showcasing and why you ought to do it

YouTube Showcasing and why you ought to do it

YouTube is an extraordinary spot to advance your online business on. YouTube is the number three positioned site on the web as far as site activity, and you can get in on this rage while it’s still here. Consistently, a huge number of individuals visit this site to see their most loved recordings, learn new things, or just to blow some steam. Indeed, you can underwrite big time off of this movement. The main approach to make YouTube successfully is to utilize it. Sounds senseless and straight forward right? All things considered, you do astonish by what number of individuals don’t do anything in their business to get more movement and deals. Furthermore, this incorporates not promoting on YouTube. Many people imagine that they can their moderate time and make one average video at regular intervals. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to profit on the web, you will need to accomplish more than this.

The most effective method to make market on YouTube:

You need to go hard and be dynamic on YouTube. Because you transfer a video up to YouTube, it doesn’t

How to Grow your Mobile App Retention

How to Grow your Mobile App Retention

bileIn today’s seemingly endless world of mobile apps, even if you think you have a winner, get ready for your bubble to be burst fairly quickly. If you do bust through the app launch barrier and your app starts generating downloads, you should know that your work is just beginning.

Not only did you build it, but you need to inspire as many downloaders as possible to continue using it, hence retaining them as users which would turn into increased monetization opportunities. If you build it, they might come and download it. But, will they come again..and again….and again? That is your app’s main goal, maximizing your retention rate and converting those first time users into 2nd, 3rd, 4th time users and beyond.

The Growing Importance of Mobile App Retention

Most mobile experts agree that in the world of apps, retention is the most important measurement today to gauge just how valuable your app is in the eyes of your users. It will allow you to see how many users who download your app and use it once, come back as

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Mobile App Startups Fail

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Mobile App Startups Fail

moIt has been predicted that by the year 2016, the number of app downloads will reach over 211 billion, and 254 billion in 2017. So you can be rest assured that the app market displays no signs of stopping in many more upcoming years. Even with a huge user base with thousands of devices being in circulation, there are a lot of app developers or app development companies that wish to create the next best mobile app in the market, but are unable to do that. Most of the new apps that are developed gain very little or no traction and the mobile app startups fail quickly.

It is extremely vital to know and understand the factors which cause this to happen in order that an app developer or app development firm can keep it in mind before developing his next mobile app.

  1. Poor App Designing
    According to some statistics, “Around 8% of all app submissions on different operating systems (OS) such as windows, android, ios, etc., fail or are rejected only because they have a very poor design. Essentially, poor designing means the app not being able to

5 Tips To Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively

5 Tips To Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively

proEvery reliable app development company showcases their portfolio with previous client feedback proudly. So you must research on their past work before getting in touch with the company in order to have a good sense of the technologies they have worked on, the problems they have solved or the complexity or simplicity of apps they have built.

Additionally, you should also consider getting in touch with some clients mentioned on their site for genuine feedback about the quality of their product that has been developed.

It is very to identify whether the outsource app company you are considering is providing you with a white label solution, depending on your requirements. For example, you need a app for your internal company use, then the development company already has an off-the-shelf application, which meets all your business requirements. But, if you have a great idea about app, you need to go for a company who holds expertise in developing custom apps.

Develop A Money Making App

If your main aim is to

Why not learn more about Resources?

Why not learn more about Resources?

Looking For Online Tech Guides There are a lot of people who have problems when it comes to dealing with computer related issues. When faced with this dilemma, they easily panic and become frustrated. It is a fact that no matter how well you take care of your desktop or laptop, there will always be problems or issues to face in the future. When faced with this problem, a lot of people would decide to call for a professional technician to help them out immediately. This is not really recommendable and could be very expensive for the owner. Always keep in mind that there will always be free resources that can aid us whenever we have computer related problems. Listed below are some free resources that you can use whenever you have problems with your desktop or laptop. 1. Utilize your computer help files
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Resources
It is very ironic that you could find the solution to your desktop or laptop problem in the same computer. These are made and built inside the operating systems of our computers in order to guide and help us fix issues with

The Advantages Of Using SAP Service

The Advantages Of Using SAP Service

SAP is an application that is intended to meet the business needs of security and data integrity. SAP application itself was originally first produced and introduced around 1980. After that, SAP experienced various kinds of developments since its initial introduction. SAP development in the early days starting from the use of client and server, GUI development, then is its flexibility. SAP itself is one of the three most widely used ERP in the world. SAP has a function as a whole as an auxiliary tool for accounting and control of a variety of sources. With ease and technological advancements offered, SAP can be said as one of the winning applications in the fields of business and marketing. So, it is the moment to benefit from  SAP advanced planning and optimization.

For someone who do not know what it is SAP, may also not know the usefulness of this application. But if you are someone who already knows two models other than SAP ERP, you must have to know how great benefits of this application for a business. SAP itself is short name of Systems – Applications – Products. Various development and research have developed SAP,

10 tips to go from a beginner to an intermediate developer

10 tips to go from a beginner to an intermediate developer

During an e-mail exchange with a TechRepublic member, he mentioned that blogs, articles, and magazines aimed at developers seem to fall into two categories: items for beginners (“Hello World” type tutorials) and items for experts (MSDN Magazine). It’s a really good point; there’s very little information out there to help a developer make the leap from beginner to intermediate. Here are 10 things you need to do to make that transition.

#1: Learn another language

It doesn’t matter which language you learn, but learning another language (regardless of how many you already know) will make you a better developer. Even better is to learn one that is significantly different from what you already use on a regular basis. In other words, if you are a C# developer, learning VB.NET or Java will not help you as much as learning Ruby or Groovy.

And when I say “learn another language,” I mean really learn it. Learning a language consists of three realms of knowledge: the syntax, the built-in operators and libraries, and “how to use it.” The first two are easy; I think that an experienced developer can pick up enough of a language’s syntax to maintain code in 30 minutes to a few

Smart Tips for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Smart Tips for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Smartphones and tablets are completely changing the way that people run their lives. There seems to be an app for just about every aspect of our personal life. Now, more and more businesses are looking at creating mobile apps for employees and customers alike.

But developing software for today’s distributed enterprises is not a simple task. Developers must often work with multiple technologies, highly distributed environments and computing networks often built on a hybrid infrastructure combing legacy systems with newer ones. Add the pressure to develop applications for the growing range of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and you can understand how many may balk at the idea.

For those aiming to develop a mobile app that will make employees more productive or customers more informed, there are some common mistakes that developers often make. Issues such as app performance, security and real-time monitoring are ones that are unique to the enterprise and need to be addressed as such.

To help avoid these, here are some do’s and don’ts:


  1. Think about the user experience

Regardless of whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, mobile devices are fundamentally different from desktop and laptop computers. As such, it’s imperative that you don’t try to simply

Tips and tricks for mobile testing A software tester’s roadmap

Tips and tricks for mobile testing A software tester’s roadmap

Mobile devices are growing in popularity daily and it is becoming more likely that software and Web applications will be run on tablets and smartphones. The importance of mobile testing is becoming increasingly crucial as a result.

My goal with this article is to provide some practical advice to keep you from getting lost in the world of mobile testing.

What first comes to your mind when you hear “mobile testing?” Yes, it is all about devices.

How to choose a proper device for testing?

If you begin by answering the following questions, you will significantly decrease the number of required devices and avoid spending extra time and money:

  1. Smartphones or tablets? Or both of them?
  2. What is the earliest operating system (OS) version supported?
  3. Which devices could be the most popular for the target audience?
  4. What screen sizes and OS versions are not covered by the devices from the points 1-3?


When working with iOS, you need no more than 10 devices to test. No more than 20 Windows Phone devices are required – for most of projects, you will need just five to 10.


As for Android, you will need a thorough approach while selecting, because hundreds of devices exist. Thus, it is really important to pick out

5 mobile app user experience tips

5 mobile app user experience tips

For mobile apps, user experience (UX) is everything. Installing apps is so easy that grandma can do it while watching Game of Thrones. But if your UX is bad, users will simply move on to other apps—especially when there are hundreds of similar apps to try.

Mobile app UX problems and solutions

So what can you do to improve your mobile app user experience? Here are a few things users always mention as UX problem:

1. App stability and reliability

Users have urgent needs. They’ll open your navigation app when they’re already lost and in a hurry. They’ll use your expense management app on the last day of the quarter. They’ll forget your price comparison app until they’re already in the checkout line. These are bad times for crashes!

Users are also creative: They’ll stress your app in ways you never imagined. How confident are you that your app will never crash? What are the chances a user will relaunch an app after it crashes once? Or twice?

Bottom line: Users want apps that are unquestionably reliable. Continuous testing is a must.

2. Fast app UIs

Users are impatient. Your most loyal users will complain if the app takes more than two seconds to respond. Less loyal users

5 Pillars of a Successful Facebook App Install Ad Campaign

5 Pillars of a Successful Facebook App Install Ad Campaign

Booming competition across the major app stores is making it increasingly difficult for app developers to get significant organic download numbers. As a result, many are turning to paid user acquisition as a solution to this problem.

Paid user acquisition campaigns (running ads) can deliver some amazing advantages to developers brave enough to give it a try. Some common ways that app developers successfully use ads is to drive installs to boost an app launch, collect valuable usage data, promote an existing app, or drive re-engagement.

But regardless of the campaign goal, everyone wants one thing: To minimize advertising costs. That means cheaper installs and cheaper mobile app engagement.

As an app developer, my personal favourite when it comes to advertising platforms is Facebook. The huge user base (over 700 million daily users on mobile), amazing targeting options, and most importantly, the ability to deliver low cost app installs and engagement, make it an ideal solution for app developers.

But like anything else, there is a learning curve if you want to optimize your Facebook app install ad campaigns. There are HEAPS of ways to improve your Facebook ads for apps. Instead of writing a monster blog post covering all of them, I’ve distilled

6 Things Developers Forget When Building a Mobile App

6 Things Developers Forget When Building a Mobile App

Many businesses realize they could benefit greatly by having a mobile app. They heard their neighbor had one, so why shouldn’t they? But, in their rush to get caught up with the Jones Soda next door, they likely forgot several key points to consider before building an app.

This list is meant to help prepare businesses for their mobile app development projects, but can also help developers set their bosses’ and clients’ expectations. Let’s begin.

1. Your website will not automatically integrate with your app

Most organizations realize that they need to create a holistic approach to mobile development. This means that their mobile apps should enhance their existing online offering. For example, if you have a website with customer accounts, that same account information should be shared with the mobile app. It is important to realize that depending on how your database and server-side code is written, this could be a sizable project in itself.

Many methods of development, such as Classic ASP.NET and many php sites, have a tight coupling between their client-side and server-side code. This means it could be very difficult, or impossible, to decouple the server-side code into a usable API for your app.

It is crucial that your app

Why Your App Should Consider a Global Audience

Why Your App Should Consider a Global Audience

When developing an app or similar mobile service, it can be tempting to only market it to the people in your home country. It’s often cheaper and generally requires less planning to market to consumers who live in a country you already know well.

However, sometimes marketing to a relatively small pool of consumers can be short-sighted, and could severely limit your prospects of being maximally successful. This post digs into why considering a global audience might be the solution to your app’s growth.

Internet Use Has Grown Rapidly

Today, it’s difficult for many people to recall times when they did not use the Internet every day, but there are still some places in the world where it is hard to gain Internet access. With that in mind, your first thought might be to only focus on countries who have Internet access fully dialed-in. However, keep a future-oriented mindset and consider rapid Internet adoption an indicator that even if a country lacks consistent access now, it may not be true for too long.

To put things in perspective, consider that the number of people connected to the Internet has risen sharply in a very short period of time. Just 10 years ago, only 1%

ASO Tactic Pick a Great Name

ASO Tactic Pick a Great Name

What’s in a name? Your app’s title is one of the most important marketing messages your potential customers associate with your app before they download.

Although app keywords and screenshots are a more important factor for App Store Optimization and discoverability in the app stores, your app’s name is the single hook potential customers make with your app. If your app’s name doesn’t stick with your customers, you might as well throw your towel in the ring.

How do you come up with an awesome app name? These tips will help you crush it in the app stores.

Avoid Unpronounceable And Ambiguous Names

Your app’s name should be easy to pronounce. Don’t try to be overly clever, and don’t pick a name that uses an ambiguous spelling. It’s of course your decision to come up with a clever name (or not), but it’s best to give your potential customers a name that’s easy to remember. You don’t want to miss out on app sales, or lose app engagement, because your app’s name is too hard to pronounce.

If you have difficulty coming up with a good name, start with a simple word and ideate from there. Or use a thesaurus to help you to find

7 tips for mobile app success

7 tips for mobile app success

As mobile technology demands continue to accelerate, application developers and testers will struggle to keep pace without a shift in thinking when it comes to mobile quality, performance and development. Creating effective apps for an increasingly competitive market depends on rigorous testing to minimise errors and failures however, this is not as straightforward as it sounds. Today, apps may need to run smoothly across as many as 1800 different device platforms. For example, developing apps for Android OS demands the consideration of over 130 different devices, running seven different platforms on two firmware sets.

As a result, the challenges for developers and testers in the new world of the mobile device app are daunting. It is a sizable challenge for any organisation – or individual – to design an app that is functional and robust, let alone predict the requirements of handsets currently in development.

It is therefore imperative that both developers and testers ensure that the testing phase is strictly implemented, either at the development stage or during the lifecycle of apps. Apps must perform from the moment they go live and avoid any technicalities – and overtime tending to glitches later down the track.

Here are some top tips for making

10 Tips for Creating Winning Mobile App Marketing Campaigns

10 Tips for Creating Winning Mobile App Marketing Campaigns

Today, mobile apps have beaten desktop apps to the background, but mobile apps can still be a disastrous failure if not marketed properly. The success of a mobile app is determined by its technical finesse, but at the same time, it is also decided by how powerful and relevant its marketing campaign is.

The best app marketing campaigns take customer habits and preferences into consideration before launching. In order to make the biggest impact through your app marketing campaign, understanding what customers are drawn to before launch makes or breaks your success.

There are 10 best practices for creating winning mobile app marketing campaigns, highlighted in the image below:

Let’s examine each best practice in detail:

1.Craft a well-planned strategy

Create a well-planned strategy that begins well before your app goes live, including pricing, what vertical your app fits into, how you’ll market the app, and other details. It is essential that you understand your customer thoroughly before you launch your app in order to put the best strategy together as it’s ultimately your customers to decide whether or not your app is relevant. In addition to overall strategy, you’ll also need to select the right keywords that reflect your app’s functionalities that will help

15 Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For In 2015

15 Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For In 2015

The mobile app development industry is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year. In 2014, we saw mobile app market maturing from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things. There was also an increased focus on app analytics and mobile app marketing. Now that 2015 is around us, we decided to list down the top 15 mobile development trends to expect in the New Year.

1. Rapid Mobile Development

Enterprises are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for mobile apps. With these growing demands, businesses are expecting to launch their product faster than ever. The main focus of mobile app developers in 2015 would be to shorten the development lifecycles and reduce the timeframe between Ideation to launch. We can expect to see some more rapid app development tools and frameworks in the market. Recently, we launched a solution to meet our customers’ expectations to launch their apps faster. This mobile development solution was conceived under the philosophy of delivering continuous value to customers, at every stage of building their app with main ingredients being Quick to Market and Rapid Iterations. The response from the market and our customers has been fantastic.

2. Cloud Driven

The cloud

How Many Versions of iOS Should My App Support

How Many Versions of iOS Should My App Support


As developers, we’re always looking to take advantage of the latest technologies. Each new version of Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS) introduces new APIs that give us the ability to do wonderfully new things within our apps, but the balance lies in leveraging this new technology while still supporting an established user base. We often try to guess how many versions of iOS our apps need to target because the overall goal is to introduce new functionality while supporting the maximum number of users. Adding bells and whistles won’t do us much good if that means cutting out a significant portion of our audience. Personally, when trying to decide which iOS version my apps will target the three primary things I take into account are a high adoption rate, app complexity, and selective feature offerings.

High Adoption Rate

Apple’s devices aren’t “fragmented” in the way that many competitors’ devices are because Apple controls both the operating system and the hardware it runs on. As a result, there are really only two things that keep iOS users from upgrading: either the hardware is sufficiently old to prevent the upgrade, or users themselves choose not to. This clear upgrade path results in a new

What Are the Costs of NOT Doing Discovery for Your Web or Mobile Application Development Project

What Are the Costs of NOT Doing Discovery for Your Web or Mobile Application Development Project

If you keep up with our blog content you know that we at Segue are big fans of the Discovery Process for web and mobile application development projects. Simply stated, Discovery is an engagement where we work together with our clients to further refine their vision to gain a clear understanding of application scope and intended functionality. We have previously discussed how Discovery can drastically reduce the costs of web and mobile application development projects; however what we haven’t talked about are the costs of NOT conducting Discovery for your web or mobile application development projects. Not conducting Discovery could lead to an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of your own project requirements, inaccurate cost proposals, project cost overruns, and delays in the launch of your product.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Understanding of Your Own Project Requirements

Imagine the prospect of spending thousands of dollars on an idea that you can’t articulate to a third party. If you were in the market for a new car would you start by asking the salesman for a motorized vehicle that runs on fossil fuels? Or would you prefer to pick out the make, model, color, interior options, rim and tire sizes, sound system options, etc.? I am

Discovery In Action – Case Studies of Focused Requirements Efforts to Benefit Web and Mobile Application Development

Discovery In Action – Case Studies of Focused Requirements Efforts to Benefit Web and Mobile Application Development

Over our history of custom application development, and providing sustainment and enhancement to existing applications, Segue has developed a proven methodology for gaining a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s needs and the system(s) that support them. Whether we are tasked with bringing a new application to life, or taking control of an aging and troubled system developed before we were even born, we have applied our Discovery approach to quickly gain an expert understanding of the work at hand and establish a close partnership with the customer we are supporting. We understand web and mobile applications as tools that are meant to adapt to and support the customer’s needs. So starting with that understanding, we unravel the role of the application and identify effective approaches for development, problem remediation, and enhancements.

The following are two examples of our Discovery process in action, one for development of an enterprise web portal to serve tens of thousands of people, and the other for taking over a system that had critical flaws and wasn’t meeting its customer’s business needs.

Start Your Web or Mobile Application Right – Use Discovery to Scope and Plan Your Project

Segue’s customer, the Navy Mutual Aid Association (Navy Mutual) identified a

The Cost of Discovery A Small Initial Investment for Application Development Success

The Cost of Discovery A Small Initial Investment for Application Development Success

Segue recommends performing a Discovery effort as a best practice in any complex and large web custom application development or mobile application development project. Business critical systems that need to meet specific customer requirements and provide a reliable and modern portal for a user community, need a focused and structured planning phase. This is our “Discovery” phase, where we work closely with our customers to identify their needs and present complete develop solutions with options for cost and schedule tradeoffs.

The Benefits of Discovery

Many times customers seek a fixed price proposal for a full development effort, prior to establishing a relationship with their development company. Unfortunately, this opens the door for unidentified requirements, external interfaces, and other constraints to arise after development begins, which can have major impacts on a solution and lead to cost and schedule overruns. In some cases, unidentified requirements and constraints could represent a barrier to project success so great that the project is doomed to failure. However, if those had been identified in the solution planning phase, they could have been accounted for and managed within the initial budget.

Segue’s Discovery Packages

Segue has two typical Discovery packages. For smaller and medium sized projects, Discovery is a $25,000.00